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Today we held English Corner in the new library! The students took to the (new) stage to present their advertisements they created.

Though things haven’t gone as smoothly as we’d hoped—it’s here. We did it! There’s a space for the students to feel comfortable and read, and have fun learning English. Tomorrow night I teach yoga again. This time to a room with lots of new yoga mats! :-D

Students selling a frisbee as a hat FTW.

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Describing People

When I teach my students how to describe a person’s appearance, I do a listening activity in which I describe people with certain attributes that students then must draw. It always yields amusing results.

I can’t pick a favorite, but I’m a pretty big fan of the drawing captioned “girl shart.”


Mixing things up at English Corner

This week I was a little apprehensive heading into English Corner because I was flying solo (my sitemate Katie traveled to Chongqing to run a 5k/kick it with some of our fave PCV homies) and 2/3 of the activities were planned and orchestrated by our student leaders.  That’s not to say our student leaders aren’t super eager, lovely and excellent people. I love them because they are pretty awesome. I just mean that sometimes the activities they plan fall flat because they lack the understanding a teacher might have of their English levels/abilities and that of their peers. They also don’t always think about making sure activities engage more than one person. This often leads to activities with a lot of awkward silence or games that don’t really incorporate English usage.

This week’s meeting started off okay as a “hot potato” type game led by one of the students went rather smoothly. I had created the questions that students would answer when they got stuck with the potato so English level/appropriateness wasn’t an issue.

The second activity, however, was a total crash and burn moment.  In this game students were to name different animals. They couldn’t repeat an animal someone else had already said and if they couldn’t come up with an answer they had to pick a card with an animal on it and describe it. Certain lower level students had intense looks of despair because they straight up didn’t have the vocabulary knowledge for the activity. Also, if you can’t think of an animal besides “cat” or”dog” you probably can’t properly describe an antelope. Just saying.

After about ten uncomfortable minutes, I cut in.  I think it’s important to give our student leaders the chance to facilitate activities and pursue their own ideas so I always give them time, but I also think it’s vital to keep the other students engaged and feeling more confident about their English abilities so sometimes you just have to interrupt or put an end to something that’s not working.

So I introduced my sentence mix up game. I had prepared big slips of paper with random words on them. Students had to work together (we they took to mean scream at each other) to put the words in the correct order to make a sentence. 

Everyone got a bit intense/competitive, but it helped alleviate the awkwardness from the animal game and it was funsies. I highly recommend it.



meow meow, please forgive me, meow meow~

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The leaders asked me to play the game… I told them I’d win. Not due to skill or anything like that. Just good ol’ fashioned friendly competitiveness.

I love this and you and how you empower women and stuff <3

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Cream Puffs!!!!!!!!

Today this lovely lady, my friend and colleague, stopped by my apt to hang out and give me the deliciousness pictured above…her homemade cake and cream puffs. It made my life…because in her words “I like to eat.” People know me too well sometimes. 

She’s an amazing baker and a pretty great human being in general.




So, I sometimes come across blog posts or articles that mention the Peace Corps in a sort of all-encompassing negative manner.

Maybe it’s someone casually mentioning how they considered the Corps, but decided against it due to the fact that they didn’t want to be a part of something flawed.

You hit the nail right on the head. Well said!

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Breakfast of Champions

For those of you wondering…yup, all I do is eat.  


Peanut butter tang yuan (汤圆). Ain’t nothin better!

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